4 digital platforms to leverage your B2B sales

Do you know what digital marketing is and how it works?

If not, the time has come to understand the power of this business strategy and how it has been increasingly used by B2B businesses!

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is basically a way of promoting and working on a product or service through the internet as a whole, whether through social media, online advertising or even through your own website or blog.

A survey led by IAB Brasil in partnership with Kantar IBOPE Media, shows that investments in digital advertising had an accumulated 36 billion reais (roughly 7 billion dollars) in investments considering 2020 and the first half of 2021. This points to advantages for companies, which are able to achieve their target audience in a more precise way.

In Brazil, according to Exame, investment in digital media should grow 12% per year until 2021, whereas in traditional media, the pace will be lower. In TV, the projection is for growth of 5.5% per year, and in newspapers and magazines the investment should fall to 3% and 5% per year, respectively. One explanation for this is the lower costs of digital compared to traditional.

Digital marketing has made the form of communication between sellers and buyers much more efficient, assertive and at a lower cost, but there are numerous forms, platforms and strategies that must be analyzed and used according to the objective that a company seeks, be it the increase in the number of sales of a product or service, increase your list of buyers or establish more effective communication with your target audience.

Check out 4 digital platforms that can highlight you in the digital market:

Google Ads

Google's online advertising platform is the leader in the online marketing market and perhaps the darling of many entrepreneurs who bet on this segment. Google Ads allows the creation of search, video and Display ads to be linked not only on the traditional search engine but also on its various platforms such as Youtube, Gmail and Play Store.

The advantages of this platform are its low cost and the artificial intelligence that makes the quality of an ad more valued, so that even with a low budget an entrepreneur can have good results if he delivers something of quality to the user.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads logo

Following in the footsteps of Google Ads, Facebook, the social network that has more than 2 billion active users, has a platform for online ads exclusively for the platform.

Among its advantages, we can highlight its more assertive forms of segmentation, such as segmentation by interests and even professional positions where you can reach a certain market niche, if that is your interest.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads Logo

Thinking of Linkedin as a business platform still sounds strange to many entrepreneurs, but stop for a minute and think: Imagine that your business meets or communicates only with Senior level professionals and CFOs of large companies. Linkedin's ads tool allows a more defined targeting for specific niches, since the social network has a professional and serious focus, so it is easier to find specific professionals that you want to reach.


B2USA Logo

The largest B2B business portal in Americas aims to promote companies and products in the foreign market. The platform allows companies to register their products and receive quotes from different countries, in addition to automatically translating their messages into Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese in order to facilitate communication between buyers and sellers. Currently, the platform has more than 200,000 registered companies.

The platform has a free registration that allows the user to register 5 products, new users earn 3 message credits to carry out negotiations with potential partners and buyers.

The B2B market is increasingly taking part in the digital world. Searching for alternatives and developing quality communication with their buyers and partners has become a differential for companies that seek not only to increase their sales but also the recognition of their brand.

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