The Hidden Potential of Small Businesses in International Trade

Across the globe, many small businesses remain unaware or hesitant about tapping into international markets. Using Brazil as a prime example, it's estimated that small businesses account for about 1% of its exports. Such a statistic is reflective of a trend seen in numerous countries where businesses possess tremendous export potential but are often held back due to unfamiliarity with the nuances of global trade.

One of Brazil's key institutions, Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), emphasizes the importance of not compromising domestic supply while exploring foreign markets.

B2USA has been on a mission to empower these small and medium-sized businesses, equipping them with essential resources and tools to confidently navigate the global marketplace. Exporting, while it may seem daunting, is entirely feasible with the right guidance, especially when considering the myriad of regulations ensuring transaction legality and safety.

Balancing Domestic and International Demand

It's paramount to evaluate your company's financial health, ensuring there's ample stock for the domestic market whilst catering to export demands. As André Marcos Favero, a prominent figure from Apex-Brasil, highlighted: "Exporting shouldn't undermine domestic buyers but rather complement the national market, which could mean doubling the production or introducing a new shift at a facility."

Complying with Foreign Laws and Adapting Product Packaging

Diving into international markets often requires product adjustments to align with destination countries' rules and standards. For instance, in the U.S., the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) governs food, non-alcoholic beverages, medicines, medical devices, and cosmetics. The TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau), on the other hand, manages regulations for alcoholic or tobacco products. Hence, understanding and adhering to these regulations, from translating labels to adding seals, can be the difference between successful or failed market entry.

B2USA, through its extensive network, offers FDA and TTB compliance services. We also provide label adaptation services catering specifically to the U.S. market.

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Multilingual Materials and USD Pricing

Another pivotal aspect is presenting your materials in the target market's language and pricing in widely accepted currencies like USD. Keeping an eye on competitor pricing and ensuring your rates remain competitive can further bolster your international foothold.

Establishing a Strong Global Online Presence with B2USA

To truly succeed, it's imperative for businesses to carve out an international presence. That's where B2USA's platform shines, serving as a global showcase for your enterprise.

With free registration, you can list your company's details and up to five products. This creates a multilingual site, positioning your business on a global stage and attracting quote requests from potential importers.

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